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Uscher College Advisory

Adriana Uscher

College Admission Counselor

I am originally from Colombia but have lived in the USA for the past two decades. I hold a bachelor's degree in economics, and for over 16 years, I have been actively involved in the school community.

Having experienced the disparities in the secondary school system and the nuances of the college application process in another country, I understand the importance of having a solid understanding of the system to achieve personal goals and navigate the college decision-making process effectively. As a result, I have pursued a career as a college admission counselor through the University of California’s Riverside Certificate program and have been working with students for the past four years.


Yetty Uscher
Yetty Uscher
Career Assesments

We work closely with Global Prism® to make personality style assesments and Career Decision 1 on 1 session accompanied by the MBTI® Career Report.

Tatiana Jiménez
Essay Editor

Tatiana is a valuable resource to our clients, guiding them through the process of writing well structured essays, helping them  achieve the goal of getting in the college of their dreams.